Trust Volunteering – a project of Inverclyde Community Development Trust – aims to improve the volunteering experience for organisations and individuals by:

  • Breaking down barriers
  • Increasing the number and broadening the range of individuals and organisations involved in volunteering
  • Encouraging young people to volunteer
  • Promoting the recognition of volunteering at local and national policy level

Volunteer Service Inverclyde comprises, alongside CVS Inverclyde, the Third Sector Interface for Inverclyde. We offer a range of services including:

  • Volunteer recruitment and advice
  • Guidance and advice to volunteers
  • Policy development and best practice advice
  • Promoting inclusiveness
  • Marketing and promoting volunteering
  • Influencing policy affecting volunteering
  • Developing new volunteering opportunities
  • Saltire Awards – recognising volunteers aged 12-25
  • Guidance on volunteer expenses and insurance
  • Building organisational capacity to involve volunteers
  • Information and assistance on PVG Scheme
  • Training for organisations and volunteers e.g. Intergenerational Training, PVG Training, Youth Volunteering.

Trust Volunteering also hosts a range of volunteer supported projects:

Third Sector Interface

Trust Volunteering is one of two partners that make up Inverclyde's "Third Sector Interface". The other partner is CVS Inverclyde Third Sector Interfaces are funded by Scottish Government to ensure that in every local authority the Third Sector has access to support across four themes:

  • Organisational development support to organisations
  • Development of an enterprising third sector
  • Support to volunteers and volunteering
  • Engagement of the sector with Community Planning

Trust Volunteering and CVS work together to ensure the best possible service to local people, communities, organisations and agencies.

If you are an organisation seeking support in relation to community planning, social enterprise or organisational development not relating to volunteering please contact CVS Inverclyde on 01475 711 733.

The Inverclyde partnership is one of 32 Third Sector Interfaces around Scotland.  If you are looking for a Third Sector Interface or support outside of Inverclyde then you may want to visit the Voluntary Action Scotland website for contact details of your local TSI.


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