Westburn Centre

Evening Meals on wheels

Service has been in operation for 22 years since January 1995. This means around 430,000 meals have been delivered by us to residents of Greenock, Gourock and Port Glasgow.

We deliver a hot meal service 365 days per year. We deliver these meals between 4.15-6.15 each evening to Social Work referred clients. These clients on the whole tend to fall into the elderly demographic bracket.

Westburn Centre/Nicolson St

Westburn Centre and Nicolson St premises provides accommodation and meeting room space to a variety of Trust internal projects as well as the Head Office base. These projects include employer engagement, computer training/one to one and group sessions for unemployed residents of Inverclyde referred through the work programme, some employability support sessions and CV training.

Volunteering, befriending and chit chat services, the anti-sectarian project, Trust Care Services, shopping project and meals delivery service.

Westburn Centre/Nicolson St premises also houses 5 external projects with accommodation and meeting room space.

Trust Accounting/Finance/Personnel Services

TAS provides payroll and personnel services to ICDT staff and Future Job placements – up to 180 people per week and a further 60 per month. They also provide ICDT accounts for OSCR/Company House purposes and account reports to the Board of Management as well as day to day processing of financial paperwork that any organisation/company has to deal with – HMRC vat and tax returns, pension returns/payments, cheques/BACs payments to all companies we do business with.

TAS also provides accounts and/or payroll processing to 6 external organisations.