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Apprenticeship Programme - 2018


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Painter and Decorator Modern Apprenticeship (Vacancy Ref: Pai2821)

You would decorate and protect surfaces such as plaster, metal and wood to create pleasant spaces for people to live and work in. You could work on everything from redecorating living rooms to painting large structures like bridges. When working in a home, you would use paint, varnishes and wallpaper to decorate rooms. You would follow instructions about colours, textures and wallpaper patterns. On some jobs you might apply specialist finishes such as rag rolling, graining and marbling. You would often work from ladders or raised platforms to reach ceilings. You will learn to:

·         Measure areas to work out how much paint or wall covering you need

·         Strip off old wallpaper or paint

·         Fill holes and cracks and make sure surfaces are level

·         Prepare surfaces with primer and undercoat

·         Mix paint to the right shade, either by hand or using computerised colour-matching equipment

·         Apply layers of paint, stains, vanishes and other finishes using brushes, rollers or spraying equipment

·         Hang wallpaper 


Carpentry and Joinery Modern Apprenticeship (Vacancy Ref: Joi2824


You would construct, install and repair the wood in homes or on construction sites fitting out shops, bars and offices. You’d carefully measure the wood and cut it to the required size and shape to make things like doors, floors and fitted furniture. Then you’d put it together and fix it inside the building. You'll need an eye for detail, good math skills for working out measurements and the ability to follow technical plans. You will learn to:

·         Cut and shape timber for floorboards, skirting boards and window frames


·         Make and assemble doors, window frames, staircases and fitted furniture


·         Fit wooden structures, like floor and roof joists, roof timbers, staircases, partition walls, and door and window frames (first fixings)


·         Install skirting boards, door surrounds, doors, cupboards and shelving, as well as door handles and locks (second fixings)


·         Build temporary wooden supports to hold concrete in place while it sets, for example building foundations (formwork)


·         Make and fit interiors in shops, bars, restaurants, offices and public buildings 



Bricklaying Modern Apprenticeship (Vacancy Ref: Bri2822)


Bricklayers lay bricks, pre-cut stone, concrete blocks and other types of building blocks in mortar to construct and repair walls, foundations, partitions, arches and other structures. You'll need an eye for detail, good maths skills for working out measurements and the ability to follow technical plans. You will learn to:

·         work from plans and specifications


·         seal foundations with damp-resistant materials


·         spread layers of mortar to serve as a base and binder for bricks, remove excess mortar, and check vertical and horizontal alignment


·         use various tools and brick-cutting machines to cut and shape bricks


·         construct arches and ornamental brickwork


·         repair and maintain clay bricks, cement blocks/bricks and related structures

Plumbing and Heating Modern Apprenticeship (Vacancy Ref: Plu2823)

You will fit and repair water and heating systems and appliances in homes and businesses. People who were having problems with their water supply or heating would rely on you to get these systems up and running again as soon as possible. You will learn to:

·         Set up and service water supplies, heating systems and drainage


·         Find faults in equipment and repair them


·         Install and fix home appliances like showers, cookers, gas fires and washing machines


·         Service air-conditioning and ventilation units


·         Attend emergency call-outs to fix leaks, for example during cold weather


·         Fit weather-proof materials to roofs, chimneys and walls.


·         Use hand and power tools, including welding equipment


Electrician Modern Apprenticeship (Vacancy Ref: Ele2826)


You would make sure that electrical systems in people’s homes and businesses work safely. You’d fix faults and install new systems. You might set up and maintain power systems for engineering projects and buildings or ensure that street lights work. You could also work on renewable technology, such as wind turbines, 'smart' heating systems and photovoltaic systems that produce solar power. Please note that you must have normal colour vision to work with electrical wiring. You must pass a colour vision assessment. You will learn to:

·         Fit and repair electrical circuits and wiring


·         Follow technical drawings, building plans and wiring diagrams


·         Make sure that electro technical systems work


·         Find and fix faults in the systems


·         Install and maintain electrical equipment, instruments and machinery


CNC Machinist Modern Apprenticeship (Vacancy Ref: CNC2828)

You will learn to operate and programme a variety of work equipment including lathes, milling machines and any other equipment as required. Learning to work to strict safety and quality requirements, helping to achieve daily production targets in terms of quality and quantity, optimizing efficiency and maintaining operational excellence. Apprentice CNC Machinists will be actively involved in the following responsibilities and are expected to demonstrate a good understanding of the following:


·         To read and understand engineering drawings to required standards and customer expectations


·         Operate machinery after sufficient training has been given, predominantly on Lathes & Milling machines


·         To inspect own and others' work using conventional measuring equipment i.e. CMM, Micrometres, Vernier’s etc


·         Endeavour to learn the setting and programming of the machines whilst operating


·         Ensure housekeeping rules are followed 


·         Assist in other areas of the business as required by their Supervisor 


·         Comply with all Health and Safety guidelines 

Marine Engineering Modern Apprenticeship (Vacancy Ref: Mar2829)

You would design, build and repair underwater craft including submarines and remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s). You’d make sure their systems and machinery work effectively and safely. You’d use your technical knowledge of naval construction, and mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering systems to work on systems and equipment in different marine industries. You need computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) skills and have to keep up to date with new developments in your field. You will learn to:

·           Design and oversee testing, installation, and repair of marine apparatus and equipment.


·           Conduct analytical, environmental, operational, or performance studies in order to develop designs for products, such as marine engines, equipment, and structures.


·           Prepare, or direct the preparation of, product or system layouts and detailed drawings and schematics.


·           Evaluate operation of marine equipment during acceptance testing and shakedown cruises.


·           Analyse data in order to determine feasibility of product proposals.


·           Conduct environmental, operational, or performance tests on marine machinery and equipment.


·           Maintain and coordinate repair of marine machinery and equipment for installation on vessels.


·           Inspect marine equipment and machinery in order to draw up work requests and job specifications.


·           Prepare technical reports for use by engineering, management, or sales personnel.


Vehicle Technician (Vacancy Ref: Veh2827)

You would use a range of equipment, tools and diagnostic instruments to repair and service cars, motorbikes and other vehicles to make sure they work well and are safe for people to drive. You’d work on all the mechanics and electrics, from engines and exhaust systems to air-conditioning and security. As an experienced technician, you could do MOT tests or convert standard engines to liquid petroleum gas (LPG). You might also work on electric and hybrid vehicles. You will learn to:

·         Find faults


·         Tell customers if repairs are needed and how important they are


·         Work out the estimated time and cost for jobs


·         Do repairs and replace damaged parts


·         Road-test the vehicle to check the repair work


·         Fit and service accessories like radios and alarms


·         Carry out standard servicing and checks

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