Finding new people

All businesses need to be able to recruit new people with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude. You can get help to find the right staff at every level of your business.

West College Scotland has access to a large pool of recently qualified & enthusiastic people – its students. Through its knowledge of individual aptitude, performance & qualifications, the college is often able to make recommendations and give references based on personal experience.

Broaden your recruitment pool

Need help to find the right people for your organisation? Contact us for advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Reach new recruitment pools
  • School leavers
  • Modern Apprentices
  • Employ workers with a disability
  • Work placements
  • Job rotation
  • Work trials

There are many people who are motivated and eager to work but can't be reached by traditional recruitment measures. You can work with Jobcentre Plus to connect you to a wider pool of talent, helping you find new recruits.

Encourage diversity

Need help to find the right people for your organisation? Contact us for advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Advice on equality and diversity issues
  • Advice on employing workers with a disability

Diversity is about getting the best person for the job regardless of background. Employers can benefit from an age diverse workforce. These benefits could include a reduction in recruitment and training costs, and increased productivity. Jobcentre Plus can help you recruit a wider pool of talent including people with disabilities.

Recruit people

Need help to find the right people for your organisation? Contact us for advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Get help with recruitment
  • Recruitment planning
  • Modern Apprentices
  • Skillseekers
  • Get Ready for Work
  • Graduates
  • Recruitment of specialists
  • Careers/jobs fairs
  • Company open days

When you take on new staff, identifying your requirements and planning how to fill your vacancy are important for ensuring you get the best person for the job.

Jobcentre Plus takes you through what you have to think about before and during the recruitment process, starting with deciding what you need and were you are going to recruit through to the interview and the offer letter.

Within the Employer Engagement Plus unit services include tailored recruitment and training packages, workforce development, access to new employability projects such as the employer incentive grant and a host of business support services including a variety of funding streams dedicated to business growth.

Step Forward Scotland

We are all conscious that for young people, finding a job these days is tough. So it is much tougher for young people with additional barriers. Circumstances like being in care can make it difficult to get the start they need. That’s where the Employer Recruitment Incentive comes in.

If an employer decides to take on one of these young people as a Modern Apprentice, Skills Development Scotland can provide an additional £1,000 towards the cost of their training. As well as getting £1,000 towards the cost of their training, employers will get a well-trained, motivated employee and will be helping someone who needs it – as well as helping their business.

The young people who qualify for this training incentive are aged between 16 and 19, and in one or more of these categories:

  • A young person who has completed the Get Ready for Work programme and is within 26 weeks of their leaving date
  • A young person who has an ex offender background
  • A young person from a looked after or care leaver background

Employers can find out more by calling free on 0800 783 6000 or log onto the SDS website.